The second season of the American television series, The Good Doctor, was ordered on March 7, 2018 by ABC[6], and premiered on September 24, 2018 on ABC[2]. It premiered in Canada on CTV on Monday’s at 10pm.[7]




Guest StarringEdit


No. Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Viewers (million)
1 "Hello"[9] Mike Listo[10] Freddie Highmore[11] September 24, 2018[2] 7.35[12]
201Promo (31) Shaun’s proposed treatment for a homeless patient puts him and Dr. Kalu in Dr. Andrews' crosshairs. Claire tries to overcome Dr. Melendez's reluctance to do a risky heart operation. Dr. Glassman faces a difficult decision about his health.
2 "Middle Ground"[13] Steve Robin[14] David Shore[14] October 1, 2018[15] 7.18[16]
202Promo (33) As Shaun pushes back against Dr. Melendez in order to treat a gravely ill hospital janitor, Dr. Lim risks a lawsuit to repair a teenage girl’s ritual circumcision. Dr. Glassman exercises demanding oversight in choosing a doctor for his brain surgery.
3 "36 Hours"[17] Larry Teng[17] Thomas L. Moran[17] October 8, 2018[15] 7.48[18]
203Promo (4) Dr. Melendez, Dr. Browne and Dr. Park have given a young married couple two choices about their future: save the wife’s life or their future ability to start a family. Meanwhile, when Dr. Lim has to take care of some personal business, she leaves oversight of the emergency room to Dr. Murphy and Dr. Reznick; and Dr. Glassman’s post-op recovery leaves him struggling to get the rest he needs for recovery and also confronting his relationship with his daughter.
4 "Tough Titmouse"[19] Steven DePaul[20] David Hoselton[20] October 15, 2018[15] 6.68[21]
204Promo (11) Shaun recalls his own past to help an intellectually disabled teenager face separation from his mother, while Claire is put between an injured teenage rock climber and her worried parents. Meanwhile, Glassman’s post-op hallucinations force him to confront a personal tragedy.
5 "Carrots"[15] Sharat Raju[22] Liz Friedman[22] October 29, 2018[15] TBD
TitleCard When a patient suffering from anorexia can’t gain the necessary weight needed to survive heart surgery, Claire suggests they perform an experimental surgery which Melendez strongly opposes. Shaun worries Glassman’s refusal to walk the hospital floor will keep him from being discharged and tries to persuade him to ambulate. Meanwhile, Shaun and Lea change the terms of their current relationship.
5 "Episode 206" TBA TBA November 5, 2018[15] TBD
5 "Episode 207" TBA TBA November 12, 2018[15] TBD
5 "Episode 208" TBA TBA November 19, 2018[15] TBD






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