Dr. Neil Meléndez, M.D., F.A.C.S, is an attending surgeon overseeing surgical residents at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. He is a brilliant and highly skilled person. Meléndez doesn't mess around, is frequently tense about work/business matters, and expects perfection from himself and his residents. However, he does have a lighter and sometimes a humorous side, which occasionally appears when he is not tending to work matters. Also, despite frequently being stern, he is often supportive, especially of his patients who are sick, and of their families and friends. Melendez has a younger sister who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child due to falling out of a tree. As a result, his sister is confined to a residential care facility.

He recognized Dr. Shaun Murphy's skills, but at first he wasn’t ready to take a chance on him, due in part to his general strict nature about work matters and also due to concerns about difficulties related to Murphy's autism. Then, as time went on, Neil began to respect Shaun and allowed him to work in surgery, doing more than just suction. Notably, when Shaun faces discrimination from the parents of an autistic patient, Melendez sticks up for him, acknowledging how hard he has been on Shaun but recognizing that Shaun had proved him wrong to the point that he threatened to not do the surgery if Shaun couldn't be part of it. After Shaun makes a surgical mistake from being distracted with Dr. Glassman's brain cancer diagnosis Melendez works to protect Shaun and even decides to share responsibility in the patient's surgery to fix the problem and thus the potential consequences rather than letting Shaun shoulder it himself.

Meléndez was engaged to Jessica Preston, until she ended the relationship. Her reasons for ending the relationship were a little unclear, but one major point of disagreement between them, was whether or not to have kids. The stressful nature of the surgery environment also resulted in a couple disagreements between the two, about which they sometimes had differing opinions.


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Neil Melendez was born to an unnamed father and mother and has a sister. At some point in his early life, a fall out of a tree resulted in his sister having a brain injury that left her disabled. Due to his family’s lack of wealth, he took care of his sister by brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and helping her eat.

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  • It is unknown how long he and Jessica Preston were together for.
  • He works with foster kids.
  • Tom F. Kennedy is his best friend, and has been since 2007.


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