Dr. Claire Browne is a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. She is very kind and caring of everyone. Her emotional intelligence and quick thinking earn her recognition and respect from the team working under Dr. Neil Melendez (whom she is implied to have a crush on) These traits allow her to communicate the most effectively with patients and especially with Dr. Shaun Murphy who, due to his autism, has a difficulty learning professional social cues. But regardless of her caring and warm nature, Claire keeps intimate relationships she has at a distance which can be seen through her strictly sexual relationship with Dr. Jared Kalu, another surgical resident. This may be due to her traumatic childhood upbringing. However, Claire is a friend to everyone on the team, and always works to build and maintain friendly relationships.


Early LifeEdit

Claire's early life was one filled with physical and emotional abuse as her mother was a drug addict who attempted to kill her multiple times and there was no mention of a father to prevent this behavior. When she was in high school, Claire volunteered at a shelter for runaway teens. As well as this, Clair babysat the kids in her neighborhood to save money for a laptop, however her mother stole this money and went shopping, leaving young Claire alone for several days. After leaving her abusive mother when she turned 18, Claire worked two jobs whilst living with multiple roommates at a time until she became a surgical resident.


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